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Countdown With Keith Olbermann
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Subject:A message from the community owner..
Time:05:49 pm
Well folks, it seems as though Keith has left MSNBC and will be working on a new network, Current Tv. 

I created this group back in 2004 and am so glad that so many people joined and posted here.  I have been away from LJ for quite some time!

So... the question... this group seems irrelevant now but should I delete it or just let it be? 

Any thoughts?

- Nichele
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Time:11:17 am
Current Mood:shockedshocked
Might not have a show to comment on for a while folks....
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Subject:Keith & Rachel Help YOU Come Clean! :-)
Time:07:20 pm
I was just looking around the Huffington Post and found an article titled Christmas Gifts For Your Progressive Friends. There were a few interesting objects that the website suggests, but I was truly taken with the coffee-scented Keith Olbermann soap (which is not made with any animal products).

When I clicked the link to the site that is selling the soap, I also found that they have a Rachel Maddow version of the soap, too!

Just a little bit of coolness I wanted to share! :-) You can see samples of said soap below:

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Time:11:21 pm
Current Mood:awake
ESPN all night talking about Serena Williams...
"she's not going to win a Olbermann worst person in the world award..."
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Subject:Malkin, Bailouts, Bonuses
Time:02:54 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
Michelle Malkin is a dirty fucking piece of shit.

Ok so I DO agree that posting the information of the AIG guys who are getting bonuses and threatening to kill their children and what not is downright stupid and wrong.


Of course she blames all this on Democrats, ignoring the fact that a hell of a lot of people from BOTH sides are pissed off about these bonuses.

And the kicker? She did that same fucking thing herself when she posted the information of students and university leaders who protested Army Recruitment on her web site. They got death threats as well and she shrugged them off.


Here is her lame attempt to quell her own minions.

“If you are contacting them, I do not condone death threats or foul language. As for SAW, my message is this: You are responsible for your individual actions. Other individuals are responsible for theirs. Grow up and take responsibility.”

Now look at the end “Other individuals are responsible for theirs” She is basically saying to her own zerglings, don’t make death threats…but if you do…Meh, whatever! It’s not my fault!
YOU MM need to grow up and take responsibility for your leeches! An appropriate response would have been;“If you are making death threats…STOP. I do not condone this type of behavior and do not want the support of ANYONE threatening to harm these individuals.”

But no, we get a typical blame the victim response; “It’s sad that she got raped and murdered…but she WAS wearing some slutty clothing!”


I have not seen a recent Countdown. I hope Olbermann makes her worst person because fo this hypocrisy.
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Subject:"You People Are Terrific!:
Time:11:08 am
On Monday's Countdown, Keith nominated about 150 people from the Buffalo, NY area as "World's Best Persons" for their work to dispel ignorance & hate with the light of love.

After hearing Keith explain what they did & saying, "You people are terrific," I had to look further into the story, and so I posted this entry into my own personal blog, and I wanted to share it here with all the other KO/Countdown fans:

Continental Airlines Flight # 3407 left Newark, New Jersey heading for Buffalo, New York on the evening of February 12, 2009. Less than an hour later, the plane, carrying 45 passengers and a crew of 4 crashed into a private home, just short of its destination, in the Buffalo suburb of Clarence Center. All aboard Flight 3407 and one of the 3 residents of the home perished that night.

On Sunday, February 22, a memorial service was held for one of the victims of the crash, international human rights advocate, Alison Des Forges.

Seeking to make himself & his hateful Old Time Religion appear relevant & never passing up a chance to remind the world how much God hates a world that just doesn't hate gay people quite enough for the “good” reverend’s liking, Fred Phelps & his Westboro Baptist Church, seeking to strike while the attention iron was hot, posted the ugly intentions of their dark hearts on their infamous website, godhatesfags.com:

“God, in his longsuffering mercy, spared the lives of those in the plane that crashed into the river at New York City. Rather than take the incident as another warning from God to repent of their manifold and filthy sins of the flesh—(i.e., sodomy, fornication, divorce, adultery, etc.)—Americans went right on sinning against God. Is there any wonder that, GOD HATES AMERICA? Nor is there any wonder that God, this time, did NOT spare the lives of those in Flight 3407.”

When word spread that Phelps & family were planning on protesting at Alison Des Forges’s funeral, the residents of Clarence Center came to the conclusion that simply trying to ignore ignorance & hate were not enough.

An article on Artvoice, a local newspaper’s website reports that a local gay rights group, OUTspoken for Equality decided to fight fire with love.

According to the article, local OUTspoken members ”…organized a silent vigil, wearing angel costumes fashioned from white PVC pipes and white cloth. University of Buffalo students held white banners. Together they formed a white wall in the hopes of warding mourners attending the memorial service from intimidation by Phelps’ group.”

Nearly two-hundred of these angels stood out in the cold and in the nearly 20 MPH wind to shield the mourners from what wound up being 3 WBC protestors.

Before the service, a spokesman for this modern-day band of angels explained that the motivation for their action was quite simple:

“We’re not here to address Phelps. We’re not a counter-protest. We’re not here to outshout them. We’re here to stand in solidarity with the families of Flight 3407. We’re here to protect their right to grieve. The people of Buffalo won’t stand for this type of harassment especially from people not even from this community”.

After all these years, it still amazes me what evil continues to be done in God’s name, and how far evil will go to make its ugly voice heard.

All I can say is, Thank God for Angels!
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Time:12:40 am
New here! I love Olbermann and Maddow to death! Friend me if you want my page is almost always about politics with tons of videos from both shows. Or maybe that was a shameless ploy to get more friends haha!

Anyway looking forward to being here, I love Olbermann! I need support because my sister seems hell bent on being more and more conservative when she used to be a total liberal. She hates Olbermann and has a love affair with Palin. I love my sister but she picked a bad time to join the republicans. Like jumping on the Titanic when its sticking straight up in the air!
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Subject:Who went & made Obama President?!?!? Oh, that's right, WE did!
Time:10:57 am
I almost, kinda, sorta, a wee bit, feel guilty in posting this article from a website called 23/6, that reports on the absolute shock & fear that the same neo-cons & their enabling political pachyderm pals who blithely drove our country into the current ditch in which we find ourselves are enduing as they watch Barack Obama pick the people who will be running the federal government. My mother taught me to never gloat, so I very nearly hate to rub what is supposed to be a victory for the entire country (even the world) into the faces of those who have to be dragged kicking & screaming into the 21st century. They cannot believe that the President-Elect, to use 23/6’s words, “… isn't appointing the same people John McCain would have appointed if he had won.”

What the…???

Amazing how deep & dark runs the GOP stronghold State of Denial, isn’t it???

What nerve of Barack Obama to behave like he has not only won the election, but got the most votes of any US Presidential candidate ever!! I think there’s a pretty good reason for that, though: EX-MAVERICK-TURNED-BUSH-SIDEKICK, JOHN MCCAIN & HIS LIPSTICK-WEARING-PIT-BULL OF A SOUL MATE SARAH “THE MOOSE KILLER” PALIN ACTUALLY LOST THE ELECTION OF ‘08—even if “only” by about 9 ½ million votes!
I guess, since they long ago ran out of anything approaching real ideas & since they obviously have nothing constructive to add to the new national conversation, all the Republicans have left is whining & obstruction, and--if history is any indication—they’ll soon run both of those strategies together with their political fortunes & any real chance they have to be part of a badly-needed solution to the ugly mess they’ve worked so hard to create—even further into the ground before you know it.

While I'm not really one to encourage or offer hope to a political group who largely has no compunction whatever in promoting the idea of befouling our nation's most sacred document with the codification of a permanent second-class citizenship for GLBT people, perhaps all is not necessarily lost for the (formerly) "Grand" Old Party. In the link above to the 23/6 article, there's an awesome pie chart included that provides some pretty good advice to the remnants of Dubya's party, in case they still believe in life after (near-political) death.
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Time:06:33 pm
IDK if this would be appropriate to post here but here's a small form of active activism from my fList today. Thought I would share it, and get the word out on advertising for big issues like California's Prop. 8 and Arizona's Prop 102, and like propositions on ballots across the country.


Mods please feel free to delete.
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Time:12:36 pm
During a forum today, Tom Delay said that the Dems have a better ground game than the Republicans.

lets keep the momentum going by actually making sure that we get out the vote in November.


On that note, I would like to rally all democrats, liberals, independents, and yes even republicans who support Barack Obama and Joe Biden to join us at some point over the next few weeks and to become a part of this campaign.

From the start Barack Obama said that this campaign was unlike any other, and if you look at what's driven it you'll notice that it's people. It’s up to us to use every bit of energy and enthusiasm that we have to help Barack Obama get elected and change the course of our nation.

Now, you might not have a lot of time to help out or get involved or you don't have money to donate. But this campaign is not just about money or for hiring staffers to do all of the organizing. It's about us getting to know our neighbors and to actually use this campaign to transform our communities by becoming more involved in them. Just last week I met a 38 year old woman who can only volunteer for 2 hours a week, so she began to have phone banking events right from her living room, and she didn't even spend a dime on it. She used her free weekend cell phone minutes.

So, if you have just 15-30 minutes a week or if you want to go all out and volunteer for 1 or 10 hours a week. We need you! There are even ways to help out and volunteer right from HOME. If you have free weekend minutes you can help us make phone calls, send messages, sign postcards, etc. So regardless of your situation you can still own a piece of this campaign and be a part of it.

To find out how to help out from home or right in your community please check out http://www.mybarackobama.com where you will have to register (no spam) and after that you can click on Action or Events - The Events feature is amazing! all you have to do is type in your zip code and you'll be able to see all the local Obama related house party, voter registration drives, book reading meetings, church events, and a variety of other local event that are both Obama and non-Obama related. So if you want to be a part of this historic campaign or if you just want to learn more about local politics, check out the "events" site feature. Below are some other ways to get involved.

Get Involved with your Local Field Office

The very first thing you should do is contact your local field office. The campaign has opened dozens of offices in states across the country. Check out this National map and find the office closest to you,

Your local field office will ask you to help in their efforts on the ground.

Get Organized Locally

In some cases, there may not be a local field office nearby, or you may be excited to get started organizing in your own town.

In order to help you in that process, we’ve created a step-by-step guide with all the resources and advice that you may need in that process.

First off, let us know that you are committed to getting your group organized! If you let us know that you're working in your local community, we can better help to empower you.

Don’t be shy in trying to get the word out. The more people that know your event is happening, the more likely you’ll get a sizable crowd.

Finally, make sure your local campaign field office knows about your event. You can find the office closest to you by visiting BarackObama.com and selecting your state.

You can also advertise your event by going to the Events site


I personally know so many first times ranging from 16 - 72 years old who have gotten involved for the FIRST time. People who can only help out from home for 1 hour a week, and individuals who come in and volunteer every single day. What matters is that we need YOU to help us create positive change in our local communities and in turn help to change and reform this country. What matters is that we don't stay home and just talk about this stuff, but actually turn out the vote and get out there and get to know others who are trying to help our country.

Feel free to call your field office or leave me a message w/ any of your questions.
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Countdown With Keith Olbermann
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